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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I’m Five, Wooohoo!

12 Oct

Well, the big day is here. Yours truly is now officially a five year old. It’s so great that I had to sing myself a little birthday song. This is just a quicky video I made  this morning, but STAY TUNED…

Because, I’m sure I’ll be making some great birthday present toy reviews for OLUVS TOYS very soon. Oh and one more little thing– as you may have noticed from my little countdown in the sidebar, I am going to DISNEY WORLD tomorrow!!!  I’ll make sure Poppa Joe and Mamoo take lots of videos and pictures for my blog.

Ok I gotta go. It’s almost cake time. And then you know what comes next… PRESENTS! Yay!



A Little Evening Video from Weird-O: No More X’s

24 Sep

I was bored so I made this little  video earlier.  I might be making a lot of these because after my recent school shenanigans, I’ve had my internets and tv taken away for the rest of the week. Plus I have to go to bed at 7:30 all week! I told Mommy and Daddy that 7:30 is a silly bedtime, but they didn’t seem to care whether it was silly or not. Oh well, I hope you enjoy the video. Goodnight!*

*FYI: I know it’s now after 9pm, but Olive did go to bed on time. We wrote this earlier, I just didn’t get around to uploading her video and posting this ’til now.

– M

COMING SOON: a blog “so good it’ll knock your head off.”

8 Sep

Hey look, I have my very own website! It’s a little empty around here right now, but it won’t be for very long. I have so many cool things to put on here– there will probably be about 46 or a million different things on here pretty soon. And I bet you would probably like to see all of them. Whenever you have  “internets,”  and you want to see good things that will make you happy,  you can come to my website.  It’s going to be about my life, and my favorite things,  and also anything else that I think is interesting, or fun, or funny, or beautiful, or happy, or things that I think might make people smile.

There is also going to be part of it that is a blog– but, I don’t even know what that is…. [Hang on a second,  I’m being told what that is, right now].

Ooooh, OK. Now I remember. That’s the part that I do everyday. It’s the part that I wanted to make like a newspaper.  It will tell you what I’m thinking about sometimes,  or maybe about something interesting I saw or did that day, or if I had a weird dream or other things like that. It will also tell you all about what it’s like to be a kindergartener and what I think about school. I may even tell you about when I get in trouble. I’m not sure, though. I’ll have to think about that one a little more.

There’s going to be all kinds of other stuff. but it’s millions of other stuffs– and that is too much to tell you about right now.  I guess you will just have to come back and see it.


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