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A Little Evening Video from Weird-O: No More X’s

24 Sep

I was bored so I made this little  video earlier.  I might be making a lot of these because after my recent school shenanigans, I’ve had my internets and tv taken away for the rest of the week. Plus I have to go to bed at 7:30 all week! I told Mommy and Daddy that 7:30 is a silly bedtime, but they didn’t seem to care whether it was silly or not. Oh well, I hope you enjoy the video. Goodnight!*

*FYI: I know it’s now after 9pm, but Olive did go to bed on time. We wrote this earlier, I just didn’t get around to uploading her video and posting this ’til now.

– M


Yelling, The Gambler, and A Very Disappointed Lammy

24 Sep

An excerpt from the email O’s teacher sent yesterday:

“Olive had a challenging day at school today… she was yelling in class, singing in class and disrupting others and had difficulty following directions…” 

…And some highlights from the conversation over breakfast this morning:

MOMMY:     You were yelling in class? Who does that?! Why did you yell? What did you yell?
OLIVE:         Ok, just settle down Mommy. That’s too many questions. I didn’t yell any real words– I just… yelled. 
MOMMY:     Wait, did you just tell me to settle down? Don’t tell me to settle down… And why did you yell? 
Olive:          I don’t know. Sometimes a kid just wants to yell. 
MOMMY:     Riiiiight… well, maybe sometimes a Mommy just wants to yell. Like, say– when she gets an email from her daughter’s teacher telling her that her kid spent the day yelling and singing, and keeping all the other kids from learning. I think that would definitely make a Mommy want to yell. 

OLIVE:        Well, I don’t think you should yell right now, Mommy. I think you should use your self-control.

MOMMY:     Hey, what do you know! Remember the other day when I was trying to explain what “irony” is? Well here’s some for you–  you want me to use my self control so that I don’t yell at you for yelling in class because you didn’t use your self control. 
OLIVE:        (laughing)     I like irony. It’s funny. 
MOMMY:     Yes, yes it is– but back to this email… So, singing?! You were singing in class?
OLIVE:          Actually, I wasn’t singing in class. I was singing in the bathroom.
MOMMY:     The bathroom that is in your classroom, you mean?  So you may as well have been singing in class because everyone could still hear you? Awesome. What the heck were you thinking? Why would you start singing in the bathroom while Mrs. W– was trying to teach? 
OLIVE:          I already told you a bunch of days ago that I like the echo in that bathroom.
MOMMY:     You like the echo? Sigh… What song were you singing?
OLIVE:          I was singing “The Gambler”
MOMMY:     [shakes head ]
TAMMY THE LAMMY, entering the room:    Oh Olive, I heard that you were Baa-aad at school yesterday. I am so disappointed. Have I taught you nothing?!

And just in case you want to hear what Olive decided to sing in the middle of class:

THE GAMBLER by Kenny Rogers

My GoodGirl Tattoo

9 Sep
I will NOT get in trouble at school today!

I will NOT get in trouble at school today!

So there is a small possibility that I may have, just maybe, had the tiniest bit of trouble  following all the rules in my first week of kindergarten, last week. But come on. It was my first week, and this is kindergarten we’re talking about. It’s no walk in the park. I’m in the Big Leagues now– seven whole hours of grueling alphabet work, rigorous craft time and story circles.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I’ve never been seen sitting in one place for more than two seconds. All the sudden I find out  I’m supposed to sit still for an entire lessons! And what? I create what just might be the world’s finest crayon depiction of recess, and I’m not supposed to get up and show my teacher?! Apparently that is the case.

Needless to say, all these new rules are cramping my style a bit, but I am a Good Girl after all, so I have to figure out a way to follow them. Today, I’m trying out my new Good Girl Tattoo. In the picture, it’s the one that’s a heart. Every time I see it on my hand, I will remember that I’m not allowed to get out of my seat or talk without raising my hand– and then I will remember to ask myself if I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

The other tattoo with the cloud and rainbow lightning is actually Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark (from My Little Pony – Generation 4, of course). That tattoo is to remind me that if I do better with following the rules all week, then I can get a brand new Rainbow Dash pony. This is very cool because if I get a Rainbow Dash, then I will finally have all of the “Main Six” My Little Ponies! I  hope I can pull this whole Good Girl thing off. I need that pony.

I’ll tell you how I did when I get home from school today. Wish me luck!

This is what's at stake here. Well, this and my academic reputation for the next 12 years, not to mention my entire future.

This is what’s at stake here. Well, this and my academic reputation for the next 12 years, not to mention my entire future.


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