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Collaborating with a 4-year Old

18 Sep

Me and Mommy have to try this!!! We have done some drawings and paintings together before, but nothing as cool as these. I think we should get our own sketchbook and fill it up together.

busy mockingbird


One day, while my daughter was happily distracted in her own marker drawings, I decided to risk pulling out a new sketchbook I had special ordered.  It had dark paper, and was perfect for adding highlights to.  I had only drawn a little in it, and was anxious to try it again, but knowing our daughter’s love of art supplies, it meant that if I wasn’t sly enough, I might have to share.  (Note:  I’m all about kid’s crafts, but when it comes to my own art projects, I don’t like to share.)  Since she was engrossed in her own project, I thought I might be able to pull it off.

Ahhh, I should’ve known better.  No longer had I drawn my first face (I love drawing from old black & white movie stills) had she swooped over to me with an intense look.  “OOOH!  Is that a NEW…

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Cute Things I Love

13 Sep

These are some very very  cute things I found on another blog called Cute Overload. If you like cute things then looking at these pictures should make you pretty happy. They definitely made me happy.  I couldn’t stop laughing all night, I have to warn you though, this first one may be the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life..

Tiny Kitten In A Mushroom Dress

If I ever have another kitten, I’m going to ask Mommy to make it a mushroom dress.

Some Silly Looking Llamas

Mommy says these are “moofy faces.” She’s right. They do look a little… moofy. Also, the second one looks like my dog Gioux (if you snuck up on him and  surprised him).


I have to go now. Mommy says I can only do two for now because she has other stuff to do. Maybe I’ll post more cute things some other time. I probably will because, if there is one thing I love, it’s cute animals.

Brought To You By The Letter N

9 Sep

A Lullaby For Elmo by Mr. Ricky Gervais

I think this is hilarious. This video had me cracking up for about an hour straight. I probably watched it 10 times in a row.


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