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Oluvs Toys: My Very First Toy Review

13 Sep

I have been wanting to make my own toy reviewing “company” for a long long long time. Since I was three, probably.  Well now I finally am doing it! I am naming my company  Oluvs Toys… get it?! o-LUVS Toys?! It’s like you mix up saying Olive’s toys and  O love’s toys and I love toys. I made it up myself! What do you think?

Well, I don’t want to keep you waiting. Here it is, my very first toy review posted to The Internets. I hope you enjoy it. I will be making lots and lots more. Hopefully about a hundred more. Because if I made a hundred more toy reviews that means I might have a hundred new toys!

My Little Pony, Masquerade Ball “Rarity”

Where to find My Little Pony Toys

You can see all the cool My Little Pony toys (and accessories!) made  by Hasbro here.  This is the Masquerade Ball Rarity figure I reviewed in my video. The Hasbro MLP toys are available all over the place pretty much– stores like Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, a lot of grocery stores (mine came from our local Wegman’s grocery store).

Of course, you can always use the magic of The Internets to find what you’re looking for.  Amazon and ebay are good places to go for Ponies.  Amazon is nice because you can find almost anything you’re looking for on there.  Then again, eBay is pretty sweet, because not only can you find the most recent (G4) My Little Ponies– you can also find all the older My Little Ponies… like even the super duper old ones that my mommy used to play with (G1). Holy cow those things are old– they were made in the 1980’s!

There are also some collector’s edition ponies and other merchandise made by Funko, which is all really awesome. Their regular vinyl figures look just like the ponies that are on the show, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic (one of my favorite shows of all times!). Funko also makes bobble heads, “TinTastic Activity Sets” and all sorts of other stuff. I don’t have any of the Funko pony toys yet, but a kid can dream can’t she?

…What?! You say you want to know even more about My Little Pony toys?! 

Ok.  This link will take you to the My Little Pony wiki at, where  you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about My Little Pony Toys.



My GoodGirl Tattoo

9 Sep
I will NOT get in trouble at school today!

I will NOT get in trouble at school today!

So there is a small possibility that I may have, just maybe, had the tiniest bit of trouble  following all the rules in my first week of kindergarten, last week. But come on. It was my first week, and this is kindergarten we’re talking about. It’s no walk in the park. I’m in the Big Leagues now– seven whole hours of grueling alphabet work, rigorous craft time and story circles.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I’ve never been seen sitting in one place for more than two seconds. All the sudden I find out  I’m supposed to sit still for an entire lessons! And what? I create what just might be the world’s finest crayon depiction of recess, and I’m not supposed to get up and show my teacher?! Apparently that is the case.

Needless to say, all these new rules are cramping my style a bit, but I am a Good Girl after all, so I have to figure out a way to follow them. Today, I’m trying out my new Good Girl Tattoo. In the picture, it’s the one that’s a heart. Every time I see it on my hand, I will remember that I’m not allowed to get out of my seat or talk without raising my hand– and then I will remember to ask myself if I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

The other tattoo with the cloud and rainbow lightning is actually Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark (from My Little Pony – Generation 4, of course). That tattoo is to remind me that if I do better with following the rules all week, then I can get a brand new Rainbow Dash pony. This is very cool because if I get a Rainbow Dash, then I will finally have all of the “Main Six” My Little Ponies! I  hope I can pull this whole Good Girl thing off. I need that pony.

I’ll tell you how I did when I get home from school today. Wish me luck!

This is what's at stake here. Well, this and my academic reputation for the next 12 years, not to mention my entire future.

This is what’s at stake here. Well, this and my academic reputation for the next 12 years, not to mention my entire future.


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