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Recovered Pencil Fighter

3 Oct

[A post from Mommy]

Sorry, we’ve had to take a short break from OtK because: 1) This week I’m busy trying to finish converting a little corner of our laundry room into a painting “studio,” and 2) Olive has had her internets, tv, and pretty much all fun of any sort majorly restricted due to a little hiccup in her Good Girl efforts at school.

The little hoodlum was sent to the infamous “red chair” twice (yes twice) on Monday– the first time for talking during lesson time, and shortly after that she got busted pencil fighting, of all things.

She seems to have repented and reformed her bad-girl ways, now, however. We got a very nice email from her teacher yesterday after school– and since, for the next couple days, I won’t have time to post much of anything for her on here– I thought I’d at least share that email with you, and report that O’s roller-coaster of a school career is once again on the upswing. Hallelujah. Amen and Happy Easter.


Mr. & Mrs. ––––

Olive had a much better day at school today. She is so cute. You could actually see her trying so hard today to pay attention and follow directions. She did a wonderful job.

Thanks again for your support.

Mrs. W––––


Yelling, The Gambler, and A Very Disappointed Lammy

24 Sep

An excerpt from the email O’s teacher sent yesterday:

“Olive had a challenging day at school today… she was yelling in class, singing in class and disrupting others and had difficulty following directions…” 

…And some highlights from the conversation over breakfast this morning:

MOMMY:     You were yelling in class? Who does that?! Why did you yell? What did you yell?
OLIVE:         Ok, just settle down Mommy. That’s too many questions. I didn’t yell any real words– I just… yelled. 
MOMMY:     Wait, did you just tell me to settle down? Don’t tell me to settle down… And why did you yell? 
Olive:          I don’t know. Sometimes a kid just wants to yell. 
MOMMY:     Riiiiight… well, maybe sometimes a Mommy just wants to yell. Like, say– when she gets an email from her daughter’s teacher telling her that her kid spent the day yelling and singing, and keeping all the other kids from learning. I think that would definitely make a Mommy want to yell. 

OLIVE:        Well, I don’t think you should yell right now, Mommy. I think you should use your self-control.

MOMMY:     Hey, what do you know! Remember the other day when I was trying to explain what “irony” is? Well here’s some for you–  you want me to use my self control so that I don’t yell at you for yelling in class because you didn’t use your self control. 
OLIVE:        (laughing)     I like irony. It’s funny. 
MOMMY:     Yes, yes it is– but back to this email… So, singing?! You were singing in class?
OLIVE:          Actually, I wasn’t singing in class. I was singing in the bathroom.
MOMMY:     The bathroom that is in your classroom, you mean?  So you may as well have been singing in class because everyone could still hear you? Awesome. What the heck were you thinking? Why would you start singing in the bathroom while Mrs. W– was trying to teach? 
OLIVE:          I already told you a bunch of days ago that I like the echo in that bathroom.
MOMMY:     You like the echo? Sigh… What song were you singing?
OLIVE:          I was singing “The Gambler”
MOMMY:     [shakes head ]
TAMMY THE LAMMY, entering the room:    Oh Olive, I heard that you were Baa-aad at school yesterday. I am so disappointed. Have I taught you nothing?!

And just in case you want to hear what Olive decided to sing in the middle of class:

THE GAMBLER by Kenny Rogers

At Least It’s Not Hoof and Mouth Disease

19 Sep
[A Post From Mommy]

Well, The Kid had her first “sick day” today…

We had a really lovely notice sent home with O last week telling us that there had been at least one case of the Coxsackie Virus, aka. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease at her school.

Awesome. O had this when she was a baby. And though I find the name of it hilarious (it makes me think of Hoof and Mouth Disease– which is a separate disease spread among cattle and sheep), it was not a particularly hilarious experience when she had it. There was never-ending fever, sore throat, and the entire inside of her mouth was covered in sores. It’s possible to get sores on the hands and feet, too (hence the really creative name), but luckily she didn’t get those.  Trust me though, the mouth sores were torture enough.

So, when O started complaining about her throat last night– and then turned out to have a fever– I felt like an old nemesis had returned. If I were Jerry Seinfeld, Coxsackie would be my Newman.  I think I even shook my fist and heard the words, “Hoof and Mouth!” escape through my clenched teeth.

O went to bed fairly early without any problems, and all was well until around midnight. I was getting ready to go to bed myself when I heard some rustling sounds coming from her room– and a little voice muttering, “Oh No… No, no, NO.  I do not like this at all.” This was followed by the sound of her little feet hitting the floor, thumping down the hall, and then down the stairs. And then she peeked her head around the corner and said, “Oh Mommy, my throat is soooo spicy… and my head… it’s been shocked!”

I have to say, I’ve always admired her creative use of words when trying to describe physical sensations.  She definitely manages to convey what she’s feeling in a way you can understand.”Spicy” has always been one of my favorites. A “Shocked” head was new though, and at the time, I could only assume it was not a very pleasant type of head to have. I now know that was an extremely accurate description because I woke up this morning feeling like I was getting sick myself– and the particularly awful headache I currently have, does actually feel as though my head has been “shocked.”

Anyhow, to make a long story short– sarcastically speaking, last night was great fun and involved lots of pathetic-ness and even a little puking to keep things interesting. So far, I haven’t found any sores, so maybe we’ll get lucky, and this won’t turn out to be Coxsackie after all.  O woke up doing better. The fever is still going strong, but that hasn’t seemed to cramp her style very much. She’s been playing and drawing,  and– in general– having a pretty grand time of things on her very first “sick day.”

Os sick day

Although, a few minutes ago I was able to convince her to lay down and rest for a little bit, and now she’s completely passed out. I have to say, with this “shocked” head I have right now, I’m very tempted to join her.  I’m really hoping that tomorrow we’ll be able to report a full recovery by all parties, as well as Olive’s return to school– and that we have managed to escape the dreaded Coxsackie / Hand, Foot and Mouth outbreak. As of right now, all I can say is that, since we are not cows, we  at least know that it’s not Hoof and Mouth Disease.

Today is Random Video Day

16 Sep
{A post from Mommy…}

Olive reviewed her new Rainbow Dash Pony over the weekend, but it’s going to be another day or two before I get it posted (She did it in several separate clips and I’m having to do more editing than normal). So, in the meantime I thought I’d entertain you all with a few random videos that I found when doing a little file cleaning / maintenance on my mac this morning.

I will do my best to get the latest OLUVS TOYS review up very soon. ‘Til then, please enjoy yourself on Random Video Day!



VIDEO 1     One of the many “practice” toy review videos Olive made this summer (on toys she already owned). Features excellent, melodramatic use of the thick-framed, black glasses O inexplicably decided to sport while making this video.*

VIDEO 2    A little blast from the past–  Young Baby O, singing her short-cut version of The ABC’s (in between laughing fits and cracking up at herself). Includes a bonus version of  The  ABC’s with some sweet drums added.

VIDEO 3     Another oldie but goodie– Olive is singing the Baby O Classic, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The last two videos were both taken around the same time– which was in the summer of 2010, a few months before O turned two.

*A quick note on O’s toy reviews:  We’ve had a couple of people who have asked how much of the videos are scripted– or if Olive is being fed lines.  To answer those questions– none, and nope.  In fact, most of the time, she makes us go into another room. If we ever talk to her while she’s recording, it’s usually just to tell her to wrap it up because she’s gotta go to bed. So it’s just her, and she’s pretty much winging it as she goes –  it helps that she’s picked up a lot of toy industry lingo and youtube-lingo from the gazillion toy reviews she’s watched. 


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