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Cute Things I Love

13 Sep

These are some very very  cute things I found on another blog called Cute Overload. If you like cute things then looking at these pictures should make you pretty happy. They definitely made me happy.  I couldn’t stop laughing all night, I have to warn you though, this first one may be the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life..

Tiny Kitten In A Mushroom Dress

If I ever have another kitten, I’m going to ask Mommy to make it a mushroom dress.

Some Silly Looking Llamas

Mommy says these are “moofy faces.” She’s right. They do look a little… moofy. Also, the second one looks like my dog Gioux (if you snuck up on him and  surprised him).


I have to go now. Mommy says I can only do two for now because she has other stuff to do. Maybe I’ll post more cute things some other time. I probably will because, if there is one thing I love, it’s cute animals.


Meet Tammy the Lammy…You won’t believe how I got her!

10 Sep

A Major Award

Hi everyone, meet Tammy.

Tammy, meet everyone.


Tammy is my new lammy. But she’s not just an everyday lamb, she’s also a Major Award. What for? You might ask– Oh, she’s  just a little something I picked up for being the BEST behaved kid in class today. Yep, that’s right. This former trouble maker is now an award winning star pupil. The star pupil today to be exact.

I figured, hey, why stop at being a good kid? Why not be the best kid in whole class (especially when they’re handing out a Major Award in the form of a fluffy little lamb)? So that’s what I did.

I’ll probably tell you more about her in my next video. I wanted to make one tonight to tell you all about Tammy, but Mommy was babysitting me and three other kids. It was a little too crazy over there for me to do that. We ended up doing about the only thing four hyped up kids can do– we had a ourselves a dance party. I did make a video of that. Mommy said she’d try get it on here tomorrow or tomorrow’s tomorrow.

Ok, I gotta go now. Goodnight! Say goodnight to everyone, too, Tammy…


Way to go Kid!

Way to go Kid!


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