Oluvs Toys: My Very First Toy Review

13 Sep

I have been wanting to make my own toy reviewing “company” for a long long long time. Since I was three, probably.  Well now I finally am doing it! I am naming my company  Oluvs Toys… get it?! o-LUVS Toys?! It’s like you mix up saying Olive’s toys and  O love’s toys and I love toys. I made it up myself! What do you think?

Well, I don’t want to keep you waiting. Here it is, my very first toy review posted to The Internets. I hope you enjoy it. I will be making lots and lots more. Hopefully about a hundred more. Because if I made a hundred more toy reviews that means I might have a hundred new toys!

My Little Pony, Masquerade Ball “Rarity”

Where to find My Little Pony Toys

You can see all the cool My Little Pony toys (and accessories!) made  by Hasbro here.  This is the Masquerade Ball Rarity figure I reviewed in my video. The Hasbro MLP toys are available all over the place pretty much– stores like Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, a lot of grocery stores (mine came from our local Wegman’s grocery store).

Of course, you can always use the magic of The Internets to find what you’re looking for.  Amazon and ebay are good places to go for Ponies.  Amazon is nice because you can find almost anything you’re looking for on there.  Then again, eBay is pretty sweet, because not only can you find the most recent (G4) My Little Ponies– you can also find all the older My Little Ponies… like even the super duper old ones that my mommy used to play with (G1). Holy cow those things are old– they were made in the 1980’s!

There are also some collector’s edition ponies and other merchandise made by Funko, which is all really awesome. Their regular vinyl figures look just like the ponies that are on the show, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic (one of my favorite shows of all times!). Funko also makes bobble heads, “TinTastic Activity Sets” and all sorts of other stuff. I don’t have any of the Funko pony toys yet, but a kid can dream can’t she?

…What?! You say you want to know even more about My Little Pony toys?! 

Ok.  This link will take you to the My Little Pony wiki at Wikia.com, where  you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about My Little Pony Toys.



6 Responses to “Oluvs Toys: My Very First Toy Review”

  1. theoriginallindapinda September 14, 2013 at 12:08 pm #

    Olive, I really enjoyed your toy review and learned quite a bit about Rarity. As a grandma we need toy reviews because we don’t have little kids to let us know what’s a really cool toy. And since we sometimes get our grandchildren toys this kind of review is very helpful. I am intrigued by all the accessories that ponies come with. And of course I want to congratulate you on your excellent classroom behavior that landed you that fantastic pony! Well I better go now. Oh and one more thing…the name of your toy review is quite catchy. Very creative!

    • the kid September 14, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

      Yes toy reviews are very helpful for grandmas aren’t they? Don’t worry, I’ll keep em coming so you will get lots of new toy knowledge 🙂

  2. Uncle Ty, Aunt Leigh and Baby Clover September 17, 2013 at 10:37 am #

    Great review Olive! Clover can’t wait to get some My LIttle Ponies of her own. I loved My Little Ponies when I was your age. I even had a My Little Pony themed birthday party one year! Good Luck with your collection. Aunt Leigh

    • the kid September 17, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

      A pony themed birthday party? Now that’s what I’m talkin about! Hey,Aunt Leigh, do you still have your My Little Ponies from when you were little? Mommy doesn’t have hers anymore, she says Ama gave them all away. Can you believe it?! Oh and she wants me to ask Uncle Ty if he remembers what he got her for her 5th birthday? Also, please tell Clover that I will help her find all the BEST ponies. Maybe I’ll even let her have some of mine!

      • Uncle Ty, Aunt Leigh and Baby Clover September 19, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

        Unfortunately I do not have any of my ponies anymore. I think my entrepreneurial self sold them for probably .50 cent a pop at a yard sale when I was younger. Someone has probably resold them on the Internets for a much larger profit. Oh well, we can’t win them all. Uncle Ty said he got your mommy a Stinkor for her birthday. He said it had such a stinky smell that he still remembers it to this day(must have been pretty stinky bc Uncle Ty is getting old). Clover is looking forward to seeing you at Christmas and playing ponies with you!

      • the kid September 20, 2013 at 9:47 am #

        I’m sorry you made such a poor business decision with your ponies. Maybe Clover and I can learn a valuable lesson from the mistakes that you and Mommy made 🙂 Mommy wants me to tell you to tell Uncle Ty that he has an excellent memory! She too can remember Stinkor’s stinky smell (Later in life she found out that the “stink” they used for him was actually something called patchouli oil. She found this out because she noticed one day that one of her friends smelled exactly like Stinkor and they told her they didn’t have a Stinkor figure in their pocket, it was patchouli and she felt really bad). Anyways, she says that though Uncle Ty has an excellent memory, he mixed up the timeframe a bit. She thinks Stinkor must have been for her 6th or 7th bday, because for her 5th bday they were at Gma & Gpa V’s and he gave her… a PONY! It was a Baby Blossom pony. She was light purple, with white flowers for her cutie mark and a white mane. She remembers it so well because about 5 min after she opened it, she grabbed a pair of Gma’s sewing scissors and “customized” Baby Blossom by giving her a mohawk. She still doesn’t know why she did it. She loved that pony and was so happy that he got it for her. She thinks she was just in a “scissors” period, since she had also cut a “fringe” along all the satin trim her blankey around that time as well.

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